Terms and conditions

  1. Agreement

1.1 We agree to supply the Report to the Customer  subject to these terms; and 

1.2 The Customer indicates their acceptance of these  terms when placing the Order. 

  1. Customer Obligations 

2.1 The Customer: 

(a) warrants that all the information they have supplied  to us during the Order is true, accurate and complete. (b) will provide us, our employees, subcontractors, or  agents with access to the Property on the Inspection  Date. 

(c) must provide us with truthful information in the  Order regarding the Property, the Customer will be  obliged to pay the correct Fee according to the size of  the Property; and 

(d) co-operate with us in all matters relating Services. 

2.2 If we are prevented or delayed from performing our  obligations by an act or omission by the Customer or  failure by the Customer to perform the Customer’s  obligations contained in clause 2.1: 

(a) we have the right to suspend performance of the  Services until such default has been rectified. (b) we shall not be liable for any costs or losses  sustained by the Customer as a result of a breach of  the Customer’s obligations, 

(c) the Customer shall reimburse us on demand for any  costs or losses reasonably sustained or incurred buy us  arising directly or indirectly from a breach of the  Customer’s obligations. 

2.3 The pricing of the service is based on number of  bedrooms, to be indicative of the size of house entirety.  Therefore, any partitioned rooms located above ground  floor regardless of size or name according to the plans  are to be classed at bedrooms. This is with the  exception of a single living area being on the 1st floor.  The Customer agrees for us to amend the booking  should the information be inaccurate (unless otherwise  agreed in writing by us). 

  1. Report 

We will produce the report within 24-48 hours with  reasonable skill and care and it is provided to the  Customer on the basis that they acknowledge and  agree the following: 

3.1 The information in the Report reflects that available  to us on the date the report was produced. We are  unable to report on any additional issues which arise  after the Inspection Date. 

3.2 The information contained in a Report can change  on a regular basis and we cannot be responsible to the  Customer for any change in information after the date  upon which the Report was produced or for any  inaccuracies or omissions. 

3.3 The Report is produced only on the Property  supplied in the Order. 

3.4 We endeavour to arrive at the Property to conduct the Services between 07:00 and 10:00 on the Inspection Date unless we inform the Customer otherwise. 

3.5 The included Drone survey is weather permitting.  Winds and rainfall can prevent the drone from operating  and in such instances will not be used. In the event the  drone cannot be used, the drone survey will be  replaced with a traditional visual check. 

  1. Price and Payment 

4.1 Our prices are fixed but may be altered down to the  company’s discretion. 

4.2 VAT is included. 

4.3 The invoice will be submitted within 24 hours of the  survey completing. 

4.4 Payment should be made within 7 days via bank transfer into our nominated bank account that will be stated on the invoice. 

4.5 Until such time as payment has been received in full  and cleared, we will not release the Report. 

4.6 If the property is found to be larger than the  booking states, the Customer agrees for us to amend the invoice accordingly. 

4.7 The Customer agrees to pay all our car-parking and  congestion charges reasonably incurred in carrying out  the Services, this will be added to the Customer’s invoice. 

  1. Data Protection 

The Company warrants that it will take reasonable  measures against the unauthorised or unlawful  processing of personal data and against accidental loss  or destruction of, or damage to, personal data to ensure  a level of security appropriate to the harm that might  result from such unauthorised or unlawful processing or  accidental loss, destruction, or damage. 

  1. Limit Liability 

6.1 New Home Surveying Limited shall not limit or  exclude our liability for: 

(a) Death or personal injury cause by its negligence or  the negligence of employees, agents, or subcontractors. 


If the customer has any complaints or query’s, please write to us at:

New Home Surveying Limited

Basepoint Business Centre

Rivermead Drive